5 Best online streaming and downloading websites

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I know you have had a hard time streaming online and downloading stuff. This is because you havent stepped into the right place. This blog features some websites (Link Provided) which have a huge data full of awesome web series to all kinds of movies.


Did you remember, How I Met Your Mother? Well, if you haven’t watched till yet and you love sitcoms then it’s a must watch for you. But this is not just a website with a sitcom but rather it has links to various other sitcoms. Actually, it’s one of the websites and you can scroll down to the fotor just to explore many other websites which are dedicated to particular series.


 Just search for openload because most of the times they use different domains. At their website, you will find yourself around all the trending and latest movies and series. They have a huge database with varied categories. Moreover, while streaming any movie if you EVER get to choose the server don’t forget to switch to Openload’s server because it’s faster!!!


Do you want ad-free download and streaming? Well, it’s not a website it’s just a basic page and you just have to type on google, Index of ( then the name of the thing you want) for e.g. Index of movies, Index of games, Index of netflix etc.

4. 123MOVIES

  It contains some cool movies. Personally speaking, haven’t heard of any movies but movies were cool. And I can guarantee you will end up thinking why you haven’t heard of it before.


  Are you more comfortable with Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies?

Then it’s best match for you.

Hope you will binge watch the content with ease.

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