Do we have neighbors in SPACE?

Humans have been exploring nearby planets to solve the quest for the origin of life. We have been exploring the entire solar system but sometimes we need to change our vision to solve our problem. Our curious nature has accelerated the field of research.

Well, there are many other big and recognized websites which have the research work done on this new topic. I cant plagiarize their work. I can just discuss with you about the possibility of the prediction.

So, why do we want to look for life on other planets?

Actually, we just want to solve the riddle of the origin of universe and life and moreover, we want to get out of cosmological loneliness.

Now, when we have started looking we found many planets but none of them could satisfy the thirst and quest for the perfect planet. Then we started looking at the planet with a vision to explore life. And again we got unhappy. But the latest research put some great arguments that can compel to look for life with a changed vision.

The new vision is about the clouds that life could be possible in clouds of Venus. But why ??

So, if we look at Venus we found that its surface could not be seen because the surface is covered with clouds most of the times and it is the hottest planet in our solar system with a temperature of 384 degree Celsius. So, it’s not possible for any sort of life to germinate on the surface because thermophile is an organism—a type of extremophile—that thrives at relatively high temperatures, between 41 and 122 °C (106 and 252°F). Many thermophiles are archaeaThermophilic eubacteria are suggested to have been among the earliest bacteria on Earth. This is the farthest we have seen any living creature struggling.

Then we have its atmospheric composition which is dominated by the carbon dioxide. So, it’s pretty hard to expect life on this planet but then an argument comes which says that life could be possible in the clouds and it’s totally undeniable because it can be given second thoughts. Clouds provide a moisture and perfect conditions for the life germinate unlike in our planet the temperature above is very low where its hard for the living organism to germinate but there the temperature is favorable for them to germinate. And it may be possible that they have evolved themselves and adapted to the high temperature of the surface.

Well, for now we are just looking for the life which is familiar to us, we have trapped our thinking of extra terrestrials are carbon based life but it may not be true and this may be the reason why we have not yet found any other civilization. We just need to look for different and bizarre things in the cosmos.

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