How does Hawkings Radiation esacapes the gravity of a black hole???

A big congratulations to the Event Horizon Telescope team for their remarkale work which widened our horizons of awareness.

The first photo of the black hole is a milestone in the scientific discovery but in this blog you are not going to get feeded the knowledge that has already surrounded the internet.

Well, I am writing it now because black holes are in light today.

So, black holes are pictured as a gigantic cosmic entity which swallows everything which comes near it even the photons which usually travels at the speed of 3,00,000 kmps.

First of all lets go through some questions

How black holes are formed?

We have often heard when a star dies it forms a black holes but it is not completely true there are certain conditions.

The stars with maximum mass of 1.5 solar masses can never form a black holes as per Chandershekar limit. The star goes through nova or super nova explosion and forms a white dwarf. They are smaller as compared to their original size. But they are more dense.

Then comes the star with mass between the range of 1.5 to 5 solar masses they form neutron stars after explosion. They are more dense than the white dwarfs.

And finally the stars with mass above 5 solar masses form black holes with the condition that there is no black hole around it other wise the matter that is spread upon the explosion is swallowed by the black hole and then the dying star also gets into it.

Well, black holes arent the only outcome of the heavy stars. Nebulae are too the out come of the dying stars and that we will cover up in the upcoming blog.

Why black holes are hard to observe?

Unlike other celestial ojects the photons incident on the black hole never return its surface to reach your eyes. That is because of its extremly high gravitational field.

This makes them hard to get observed. We just see there influence but not them, just like air.

How does hawkings radiation escapes?

Well, as per the theory black holes swallows everything near it down to the singularity. But its mass and size doesnt have much growth which violates basic laws of conservation of mass and energy.

So, Stephen Hawking presents an idea that the information entering the black hole do leave with just like evaporation and that is termed as hawkings radiation.

But the unanswered question still prevails.

So, it can be understood by the concept of dark energy. The information that enters inside the black hole turns to be energy and soon it becomes the dark energy and leaves the black hole.

Black hole only affect baryonic matter that accounts for just 4% of the entire universe.

Similar questions are left unanswered and hypothesis still prevails but we are on the right track and soon we will find the answers to the questions that we have not yet raised.

Do check out this youtube video , TED talk of the girl who designed the algorithms to harness image of the black hole.

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