Is future in DANGER? | AI

The technology in the field of software is evolving swiftly and we are marching towards automation combined with Artificial Intelligence. This is surely going to give us a relief and a time to relax.

But can it be LAST discovery of humans….

To understand it we must dig deeper. So, it all started with an essay, ‘As we may think’, written by Vannevar Bush in 1945. He wrote about the development of technology in the field of accessibility of knowledge through machines. Today, online encyclopedias, World Wide Web and personal computers are the inventions that connects his words.

The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956 in a conference that he took regarding thinking capabilities of machines.

The machines which can think and automate our tasks can make life easier and full of leisure but problems begins when there are no problems.

If there are machines to do all the work then where will humans go? Unemployment will bloom, obesity, lack of creativity and laziness will be quite common among teenagers.

The phase of A.I is going to bring a revolution which will affect humans because it will be the time when all the new inventions will be done but not by the human mind. And later pride of AI’s will never let humans take control on them which will begin their dominance on other species.

AI will surely cover the sky as currently we are fascinated by the apps like Siri, Google Assistant , Alexa and many others. Even, the revolutionary tech pioneer Elon Musk says he is afraid of AI. But what is about the AI that make us afraid?

Its there power of focused, metallic and strict decision making that will led us to our doom. If AI are left open they will surely become aware of humans hypocrisy and mob mentality which is unsafe for environment and the planet where we live in.

I am not against AI it is just giving them unbounded freedom that shivers my soul. We haven’t yet figured out working of our own brains and we are attempting to make mechanical ones. The atom bomb explosion at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the perfect example that we must not use the technology that we don’t understand completely else results will be catastrophic.

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